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2021 Freedom Fund.png

66th Annual Freedom Fund Celebration

Friday, August 27, 2021 ~ 7 pm


0:01  Invocation: Rev. Ben Mass

1:42  Welcome: Fauquier NAACP President Ellsworth L. B. Weaver, Sr.

2:45  Greetings from Julius D. “JD” Spain, Sr., Regional Vice President, Virginia State Conference

4:23  Recognition of Other Distinguished Guests & Opening Remarks: President Weaver

10:41  Recognition of 2021 Scholarship Winners: Michael Hammond, Co-chair, Education Committee

12:30  Year in Review: Fauquier NAACP Secretary (Communications) Taryn Weaver

19:23  Committee Spotlight - Housing: Miggy Strano & Conway Porter, Co-chairs, Housing Committee

33:16  Introduction of Keynote Speaker: Matthew Carlos, Co-chair, Education Committee

35:00  Keynote Address: Dr. Cameron Webb, White House Senior Policy Advisor for COVID-19 Equity

1:06:07  Fauquier NAACP Distinguished Citizen Service Award: Fauquier NAACP 1st VP Renard Carlos

1:08:28  Recognition of Event Sponsors: Vice President Carlos

1:13:42  Closing Remarks: President Weaver

1:17:15  Benediction: Rev. Robert Jones

1:18:06  Anthem: “Lift Every Voice and Sing” - We Are The Future Band, Berklee College of Music                                                                      

 “When we see each other as brothers and sisters, our whole life will be more meaningful.”

~Ellsworth L. B. Weaver, Sr., President, Fauquier NAACP