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Black Lives Matter Too

At last Saturday's 70th BLM Vigil for Action, Marsha Berry, a Fauquier NAACP member with a passion for justice, spoke out about racism. Over the voices of hecklers across the street, Ms. Berry said that she hears people saying that “All Lives Matter” and “Blue Lives Matter,” but that things are “being taken out of context.”

"Black Lives Matter does not imply that Black lives matter more than other lives," Ms. Berry said. She shared that she has three grandchildren, but if her grandson falls of his bicycle, she runs to his aid. “It doesn’t mean that I love my two granddaughters any less. It’s just that I have to redirect my attention to him – at that moment,” she said. "I’m simply saying that Black lives matter too. And right now we need to focus on all of these senseless killings of Black people as a whole. The Black lives need our attention and help right now. It doesn’t mean that the other races are not important. What’s important is All Lives Matter. Maybe we should add an addendum – Black Lives Matter Too!”

At the end of her remarks, Ms. Berry recited a poem which she wrote, and which we share here.

Black Lives Matter Too

Red, Black, Blue, White and Brown

We all need to stick around

Not to be shot, choked or hung from a limb on a tree.

The time is now to take a knee.

Man started this abuse you see

But it can be stopped with you and me

All lives DO Matter you see

But does that not include Black Lives Matter and Me?

So much hatred, discrimination and animosity

Mothers, Fathers, Sisters and Brothers

Screaming in Pain

Such Wonderful, Beautiful Lives taken in vain.

A Beautiful life that will be surely missed

To be Forever placed on an Obituary List

? Am I my Brother's Keeper?

? Am I my Sister's Keeper?

Answer: Yes, I am my Friend

From Beginning to the end ---

So please take a hand not a gun, choke hold or rope, you see

It does not matter what color a person may be

Black Lives Matter! All Lives Matter!

And it starts and stops with You and with Me

--Marsha Berry

October 2021


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