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For Justice and Change, Take a Knee, Fauquier

Knee Power.

Take a Knee, Fauquier.

Get down there for about 9 minutes

and contemplate and pray.

Ask: What can I do? What’s next?

Take a knee, Supervisors.

Take a knee, School Board.

Take a knee, Sheriff and Police.

Parents, Students, Doctors, Lawyers, Clergy, Teachers...

Take a knee. John Mosby, John Barton Payne, John Marshall, Harry Byrd, Judge Smith.

Ask yourself: What did I do?

Everybody take a knee.

Take a knee for Justice. Take a knee for Change. Take a knee especially for Love and Trust and Respect.

Ask for Direction.

Ask for Guidance.

You won’t rise unchanged.

It’s only 9 minutes.

Not like it’s the rest of your life.

Written by: Conway Porter


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