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Our Youth Speaks

Due to COVID-19, so much has changed for our local youth; traditional graduation, exams, jobs, college, social interaction, etc. Fauquier County NAACP's Social Media Lead, Robin Fields reached out to a few local youth (3 seniors, 1 freshman in college) in our community, offering them an opportunity to have their voices heard and to find out how they're coping during this difficult time. Here's what they had to say:

Tiana M.

During this pandemic, it has given me time to focus on school work, scholarships, exercising, and planning over the next couple of months. I’m also able to touch up on some hobbies or niches I would like to learn or get better at! I have been communicating with my friends mostly through text, FaceTime and social media. It has also given me time to make new friends through social media that I will soon be going to college with! Bonding with my family is now an everyday thing and is great since I will be going away for college in the next 4 months (if Corona allows this). I see positivity in this but the outside world is still crucial. I will sometimes drive around a little just to get some air and scenery and also run around my neighborhood for the same feel!

Jocelyn S.

During this whole pandemic, the social distancing, all the senior activities being cancelled has been such an inconvenience. But, of course one must always see the brighter things in bad situations. That being said, I have been spending a lot of time with my family. I also have continued making more paintings and reading a book, The Color Purple, from when I was in school. I have been communicating with friends through FaceTime, Snapchat or a group chat. I most definitely see positivity through this. People are getting to stay home and spend time with family and reconnect, I think it’s very important since many will be going to universities and leaving their families. I believe this “Stay At Home” order will make many of them stronger.

Jaelyn H.

How are you coping?

I am coping well. I have been working and taking precautions to prevent infection.

Do you and your friends communicate using ZOOM or FaceTime?

Yes, I use FaceTime to communicate with my friends.

I work at Virginia Fleet Service and we are currently in remote classes from the computer. I attend Northern Virginia Community College where I am a freshman.

Emma B.

During this pandemic, although it’s changed everyone’s life momentarily, the only positive outcome I see coming from it is the state of peace the world will be in afterwards. Once everyone is able to adjust to their normal lives again, I feel as though there will be a sense of empathy throughout everyone. I’m coping by trying to keep myself motivated everyday by keeping a basic routine to follow. My immediate and extended family get on zoom a couple times a week with a theme picked out and I think that’s helped a lot. I feel like it’s really important to keep in touch with those around you even if you can’t see them face to face. I don’t really see my friends anymore, but I know I’ll be able to see them once this is all over. Although it’s taken away the rest of my senior year, I’m hoping it’s gone by summer so I can spend time with everyone before going off to college.


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