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Taryn Weaver 3rd Fauquier NAACP member to graduate Warrenton Community Police Academy

Taryn Weaver, pictured here with Warrenton Police Chief Michael Kochis and Deputy Chief Timothy Carter, became the third Fauquier NAACP member to graduate from the Warrenton Community Police Academy at a ceremony held last Tuesday, June 28. Congratulations to Taryn and all the 2022 graduates!

Warrenton Community Police Academy, Class of 2022.

Taryn was one of two graduates asked to speak at the ceremony. In her remarks, she noted the diversity of the graduating class: "We came from many walks of life, such as retired individuals, some with law enforcement background, entrepreneurs, a future politician, a few residents of the Town of Warrenton, an artist that created the Community Police Academy’s new logo and his lovely wife, a dog handler, a lady that works at the WARF, an emergency room medic at the Fauquier Hospital, a volunteer from the Community Police Academy’s first graduating class in 2021--I won’t say his name--and then there’s me."

The volunteer Taryn referred to was, of course, Fauquier NAACP president and her husband, Ellsworth Weaver, who was recognized by Chief Kochis as Outstanding Volunteer from the class of 2021. Fauquier NAACP Freedom Fund Committee chair Michelle Shanks was also a graduate of the first session of the Community Police Academy in October 2021.

Dr. Weaver, holding his award, poses with Chief Kochis and Deputy Chief Carter.

Taryn also shared one of the experiences she had while participating in the seven-week course: "My ride-a-long with Officer Shaver helped me to better understand challenges and decisions that police have to make. My favorite part of the ride-a-long was going into a neighborhood where kids were playing in the street. They saw the cruiser, watched for a minute and then ran to greet us. They engaged in conversation with Officer Shaver, who patiently answered their questions.

"One little girl peeked her head into the cruiser and saw me. She said, 'You got girl police officers?' Officer Shaver told her that I was his partner for the night. She was so excited to see a Black female sitting in the front seat of the cruiser. At that point we made an impression on those children. Officer Shaver told them that he would see them soon and bring them the badges they requested.

"I could go on and on about the lessons I learned, the fellowship shared and bonds created. It was truly a wonderful experience that I will cherish for years to come," Taryn concluded, and thanked the Warrenton PD for the privilege.

Taryn with Fauquier County Sheriff Jeremy Falls and Chief Kochis. Behind them are Fauquier NAACP members Dr. Ethel Canty Bothuel, Dr. Weaver, and Joe Washington.

Fauquier NAACP secretary Kathy Marmet sitting with Dr. Weaver and Fauquier NAACP member Joe Washington.

The Community Police Academy (CPA) is a national program being implemented across the nation as part of a strategy to allow citizens to develop relationships between law enforcement and community members. The program is funded locally by the PATH Foundation. Applications for Session 3 will open mid-January 2023.

"Successful is the person who leaves the world better than they found it,

who never fails to look for the best in others or give the best of themselves."

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Unknown member
Jul 03, 2022

This is a fabulous write-up and should be shared in our local paper!

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